Investment Properties

CapitaLand Investment’s Principal Properties1 (as at 31 December 2020)

City, Country​
Effective interest (%)​
Asset type​
Ascendas iHub Suzhou Suzhou, PRC​ 100 Business Park
Hongkou Plaza
Shanghai, PRC​
72.5​ Integrated Development
Minhang Plaza
Shanghai, PRC​
65​ Integrated Development
CapitaMall Tiangongyuan
Beijing, PRC​
100 Shopping Mall​
CapitaMall Westgate​ Wuhan, PRC
100 Integrated Development​
Dalian Ascendas IT Park Dalian, PRC
100​ Business Park
One iPark​
Shenzhen, PRC 73 Office
Singapore-Hangzhou Science & Technology Park (Phase 1 & 2)
(Divestment completed in Jun 2021)2​
Hangzhou, PRC​ 80 Business Park​
Tianjin International Trade Centre​ Tianjin, PRC​ 100​ Integrated Development
La Clef Tour Eiffel Paris​
Paris, France​
100​ Lodging​
International Tech Park Pune, Hinjawadi​
Pune, India​
78.5​ IT Park​
Olinas Mall (Divestment completed in Jun 2021) (3) 
Tokyo, Japan​
100 Shopping Mall​
Shinjuku Front Tower​
Tokyo, Japan​
Yokohama Blue Avenue​
Yokohama, Japan
100​ Office
Queensbay Mall (approximately 91.8% of aggregate retail floor area and 100% of car park bays)​
Penang, Malaysia​
100.0 Shopping Mall​
79 Robinson Road (former CPF building)​
65​ Office​
Galaxis (Divestment completed in Jun 2021) (4)​
75​ Business Park​
ION Orchard​
50​ Shopping Mall​
Arlington Business Park​
Reading, United Kingdom
100​ Business Park
The Cavendish London ​
London, United Kingdom​
100​ Lodging​
Deerwood Apartments​
Corona, U.S.​
100​ Multi-family​
Marquessa Villas​
Corona, U.S.​
100​ Multi-family​
Denver, U.S.​
100​ Multi-family
The Ashton​
Corona, U.S.​
100​ Multi-family​




Property investments which constitute approximately 80% of the total effective valuation of the investment properties under our Group, our joint ventures and our associates as at 31 Dec 2020 (excluding the properties held through Listed Funds and Unlisted Funds). ​


On 6 Nov 2020, CapitaLand, through its associates, entered into agreements to divest its 80% share of interest in the companies which hold Singapore-Hangzhou Science & Technology Park (Phase 1 & 2). ​


On 4 May 2021, CapitaLand, through its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, entered into a share sale agreement to divest its 75% interest in the company which holds Galaxis.