Stakes in Private Funds

  • S$ 5.4 B

    Carrying value as at 31 March 2022

  • 29

    No. of Funds

Private Funds Total Fund Size (Million)1
CapitaLand Mall China Income Fund​
US$ 900​
CapitaLand Mall China Income Fund II​ US$ 425 ​
CapitaLand Mall China Income Fund III​ S$ 900​
CapitaLand Mall China Development Fund III​ US$ 1,000​
Raffles City China Income Ventures Limited
US$ 1,180
Raffles City Changning JV​​
S$ 1,026​
Raffles City China Investment Partners III ​US$ 1,500
Ascendas China Commercial Fund 3 S$ 436
CapitaLand Township Development Fund II
US$ 200
CapitaLand Asia Partners I (CAPI) and Co-investments US$ 510​
Athena LP S$ 88​
CapitaLand Open-End Real Estate Fund USD 441
Southernwood Property Pte Ltd SGD 360
CapitaLand Korea Private REIT No.1 KRW 85,100​
​CapitaLand Korea Private REIT No. 3
KRW 107,500
​CapitaLand Korea Qualified Private REIT No. 4
KRW 63,512
CapitaLand Korea Qualified Private REIT No. 5 KRW 64,062​
Korea Data Centre Fund I KRW 116,178​
​Korea Data Centre Fund II
KRW 140,684
CapitaLand Korea Logistics Fund KRW 85,700
CapitaLand Korea Logistics Fund II KRW 44,864
CapitaLand Mall India Development Fund S$ 880​
Ascendas India Growth Programme INR 15,000​
Ascendsa India Logistics Programme INR 20,000
CapitaLand India Logistics Fund II
INR 22,500

Ascott Serviced Residence (Global) Fund

US$ 600
Student Accommodation Development Venture US$ 150
Orchid One Godo Kaisha JPY 18,460
Mitake 1 Tokutei Mokuteki Kaisha JPY 3,000
Total Fund Size S$ 15,110